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The Truth About Autism, Poker and Blackjack - Blog

Daniel Tammet is a well known autistic savant Most probably realize that all individuals with autism are not card playing savants and that many are high-functioning enough to live a seemingly ‘normal’ life. Of modern media’s portrayals (including Rain Man and Abed Nadir’s character in Community) of those with autism, Jolanta Lasota, chief executive of the charity Ambitious about Autism, says that “Anything that helps to increase awareness about autism is to be welcomed, but it has to be balanced by portraying people on different parts of the spectrum. As the saying goes, ‘If you’ve met one person with autism…you’ve met one person with autism.’ No two people are alike.” Despite the stereotype, there aren’t really any known (or at least publicized) cases of someone with an autism disorder being a pro-level player at poker, blackjack, or similar. For a while, rumors were abound that poker pro Daniel Cates (known as jungleman12 in online play) had autism. In 2015, Cates was involved in an incident where he threw chips and swore at an opponent after being knocked out of a tournament. Similar encounters, Cates’ ‘distant’ manner of speaking that is often void of much eye contact, and what he describes as a lonely and aloof childhood, have led many on poker message boards to speculate that the two-time World Poker Tour money finisher has autism. Others disagree with this diagnosis, citing that Cates has many varied interests besides poker, does seem to have a filter on his thoughts in interview, and doesn’t verbalize his internal monologue. Autism specialists, however, would probably call both arguments overly-simplistic. One certified savant that has tested their mental talents and deficits in card playing is Daniel Tammet. A World Memory Championship finalist that has also accurately recited pi to 22,514 digits, the Englishman decided to try his hand at blackjack while being filmed for a 2006 documentary about him called The Boy With The Incredible Brain.

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